A most eye-opening tour indeed

Ma. Rosario Mikaela Bello
2 min readJul 10, 2023


A site visit to MPBC and PTV-CAR

Joining the site visit to MPBC at first was intriguing since it was very near to the city and the cathedral, where the entrance was inside the cathedral grounds. It was interesting since I didn’t know there was a broadcasting corporation near me, which I just pass by most of the time, not knowing it was there.

Seeing them perform live in Facebook and also through the radio was very reminiscent of the time we had K-Lite as our client last year during our first semester. I wouldn’t know how to act when I’m put in the spotlight like that, performing live towards an audience I don’t even see or hear.

Nonetheless, it was very interesting to watch and witness how the behind the scenes work.

Groups 1, 2 & 3 in MPBC

And then going to PTV at the afternoon was also eye-opening especially we have to actually travel slightly far to arrive. The site was peaceful, and remote — and you wouldn’t expect a flagship state broadcaster like the People Television to be located near Wright Park and across The Mansion, two famous Baguio tourist spots.

The orientation and the equipments there were amazing, as the green screen was enormouse, three cameras and stage lights, and even the reporters themselves. We met Sir Edong, who was really friendly and even showed us a copy of their script while airing, to let us know what goes behind the scenes.

It was both an eye-opening experience indeed, one that can let us have an edge in our upcoming internship this August.