Application of Principles

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A column chart indicating the top five and bottom five barangays in the Municipality of Santa regarding the percentage of its population who are vaccinated, and whether they achieved 70% of targeted vaccination in a population.

It serves as an informational piece to let the people know of the municipality’s progress in the fight against COVID-19.

It clearly shows the exact number of people and the percentage of a population within a barangay who has been vaccinated. It also encourages the people in certain barangays — most especially those who are in the bottom five — to go the rural health unit of the town and get themselves vaccinated. It also serves to applaud the people within the top five barangays that achieved herd immunity by having 70% of its population already vaccinated.

Humanitarian principles present:

  1. Neutrality — Informational charts should not take sides and present the data as it is.
  2. Impartiality — Data doesn’t choose between race, gender, and age. It shows who should be given priority and shows who have done a great job.

Core Communication principles present:

  1. Be process oriented — The chart shows clear and simple design that makes it easy to be understood by the public and what the numbers represent.
  2. Consistency and accuracy — It is posted by the local government of our municipality.
  3. Working with communities — The chart encourages people from the bottom five barangays to participate and get vaccinated.
  4. Targeted content — The material mentions the barangays of those who are performing well and those who are performing poorly in the fight against COVID-19 and achieving herd immunity.



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