From one generation to another

Attending the Senior Moments of BA Comm


Experience is definitely an asset and a tool that one can use to their arsenal.

In this case, learning and hearing firsthand how the previous seniors made their way through one school year of internship is beneficial for us incoming interns.

Internship can be a daunting and intimidating experience, especially if you do not know firsthand how taxing it could be once you start and enter each media establishment. As for me personally, it’s a fortunate thing that I know their first hand experience of each internship situation as I have personal connections with the batch that recently graduated this July. I came to know and understand each of their hardships and struggles; seeing firsthand how it each impacted and changed their way of doing things.

Not to say the added seminar conducted online was not of much help–knowing what goes behind the scenes also helps as it adds much more context on the lessons provided by the seniors in their comprehensive talk last Wednesday, July 5.

The experience that then transforms into knowledge is a well sharpened tool that we can carry with us not only through our on-the-job training but also into other fields of study now that we’re one step closer to reaching the end of our educational journey.

The seniors have also stressed the importance of collaboration and teamwork many times–especially since it’s the most basic, but also crucial thing that one can forget when you’re out there in the field. It’s okay to make mistakes and admit them, as long as you learn from them and naturally do not repeat them in the future. It’s a thing that we students of Communication have been practicing ever since day one in the institution. It’s a simple and very basic aspect of project management, but not everyone remembers that you are not there only for yourself, but for the institution and the name you and your future colleagues carry while being an intern.

That goes to say that we should be courageous and learn to reflect, especially in us being able to learn from each other, and being able to absorb the teachings of our future superiors in each institution. It’s wiser to openly ask for help rather than overestimating yourself and dragging your whole team down because you wanted to prove yourself–even though the project or task may not be feasible with just you and your knowledge alone.

It’s a culmination of all the things we have learned from 1st year to 3rd year–of all the things we have unlearned, undertaken, and applied. This is where we take all of these into account and treat it like a professional occupation and not just any school requirement that we need to accomplish.

It’s exactly what people say, “There are no shortcuts in life”. It may seem hard, and sound hard for incoming interns such as us, but it’s an initiation for the things we want to accomplish after graduation.

A complete attendance of Senior Moments participants last July 5, 2023.