Hair Color Trends That Are Worth a Try in 2023

Ma. Rosario Mikaela Bello
5 min readMar 8, 2023


Popular trends for your hair this year

Alter your hair color, and your life will be transformed. It may sound like an oversimplification, but sometimes a change of color is all that stands between you and a completely different look — even if only aesthetically.

Determining the popular hair color of the year isn’t exactly easy as there are different trends across all countries and cultures. Choosing one shade for your hair is impossible, however, hair stylist experts have suggestions that you may want to consider in coloring your hair this year if you’re searching for ideas.

According to Cosmopolitan hair stylist experts Matt Rez and Clariss Rubenstein, creamy tones and high shine are two of this year’s hottest hair trends.

You’ll undoubtedly find a trend that matches your 2023 vibe here below.

1 — Sandy Blonde

Margot Robbie, PHOTO by Bryce Scarlett

Is there a 2023 hair trend you’ll notice? Shades of light to medium brown. “This year, people will go deeper with their color,” says hairdresser Clariss Rubenstein, “even if it’s only a darker, more blended shade of blonde or a creamy mushroom brown.”

Enter this dark, sandy blonde. It has a neutral undertone and will look excellent against a variety of complexion tones and eye colors. If you’re not ready to completely abandon your bright-blonde highlights, try a balayage right around your face for depth, then tone it with a cool-toned gloss to complement the rest of your beige-y feelings.

2 — Gemini hair-color trend


According to Pinterest’s 2023 Predictions, “Gemini hair” will be popular in the coming year. The trend includes dyeing your hair two distinct colors, frequently separating them down the center for a real half-and-half appearance worthy of the zodiac twins Castor and Pollux.

Does it seem intimidating? No worries — you may always experiment with wigs, colored braiding hair, or Homemade extensions.

3 — Rich Chocolate

In September 2022, Zoe Saldaa strikes a pose at the Anaheim Convention Center’s IMDb Official Portrait Studio in California. IMDb image by Corey Nickols/Getty Images.

Those who want to remain in their brown-mane lane would be wise to contemplate crossing completely onto the dark side.

4 — Midnight


The Wednesday impact, certainly. If your FYP has been flooded with grunge and goth fashion as a result of Jenna Ortega’s portrayal of Wednesday Addams, you’ve already witnessed the trickle-down impact with an increase in jet-black hair colors.

5 — Champagne-blonde

Madelyn Cline, PHOTO by Matt Rez

“A light, lively, golden-toned blonde with super-subtle rose reflections,”, adding that it’ll be huge in spring/summer 2023. Rez is the stylist behind Madelyne Cline’s interpretation of the trend above, which has a mix of highlights, a golden-beige hair gloss (per the Instagram post), and lowlights (to “give some depth to really showcase and define the champagne-blonde highlights,” he explains).

6 — Mulled Wine


This winter pattern is expected to continue in the new year. “Imagine spiced cider, mulled wine, and cinnamon-nutmeg combinations.” Vivid colors that warm up our beautiful look? Yes, please.

7 — Mushroom Brunette


While everyone else is going warm with caramel and gold, go cold with a case of mushroom brown. That may be the most fashionable look in the lot.

8 — Blushed Chocolate Brown


If you blink, you could miss the slight blush tone in this hue. Enter: the most enchanting approach to update your natural brown strands for 2023.

9 — Glossy Mocha


This brunette shade is a stunner. Glossy coatings of deep chocolate brown will get you through any terrible hair day, and it’s a simple choice for naturally darker brunettes.

10 — Long Ombre


If the phrase “high-maintenance hair” makes you want to flee, this trend is for you. Therefore, if you had highlights last summer and they’re still growing out, you’re almost there.

11 — Pearly Blonde Dimension


Mix pearly, silvery blonde tones from previous trends with more wearable shades like golden blonde to produce a hair color that requires far less maintenance.

12 — Auburn Tinges


Natural brunettes can add a pop of color with balayage babylighting in a warm tone like reddish auburn.

Who doesn’t feel better after coloring their hair? There are several benefits to changing our hair to boost our self-esteem — their length, style, and color — and, most importantly, the ability to express ourselves. Hair color, far from being a frivolous or even necessary choice, allows us to establish our identities like nothing else.

So what are you waiting for? Grab those salon appointments with your favorite hair stylist now.