IEC Materials

Ma. Rosario Mikaela Bello
2 min readNov 13, 2021

Activity 1

Issue 1: The health promotion of physical exercising and home gardening in this time of pandemic.

Daily exercise is good for our body.

Home gardening can be a beneficial new hobby.

Exercising and gardening are two activities that can be done at home.

Final Message:

Daily exercise and home gardening are two of the best ways to maintain physically and mentally healthy during this pandemic without going outside. Start now, keep healthy!

Issue 2: The debunking of disinformation or disinfodemic (misinformation, fake news) regarding the COVID vaccine.

Always validate your sources.

Know how to differentiate the truth from hearsays.

Encourage people to take the vaccine by sharing facts.

Final Message:

Vaccines are a product of decades of scientific research. Know how to differentiate facts from fake news. Stop spreading misinformation and check your sources. Get vaccinated now!

Issue 3: The continued observance of the minimum health protocols NOT only to mitigate the risks of contracting COVID, but also adapting it as a “way of life”.

Keep wearing masks in public or private spaces especially when you are feeling sick.

Always keep in mind to wash your hands at regular intervals throughout the day.

Mind social distancing and avoid crowded areas.

Final Message:

The new normal is our means to move forward towards a COVID-free country. Hygiene and social distancing is our ticket out of COVID-19 and avoiding other diseases.

Activity 2

IEC 1: Physical Exercise and Home Gardening
IEC 2: Disinformation about COVID Vaccine
IEC 3: New normal as a way of life