My Community’s Transect Map and Disaster Timeline

Transect Map of Brgy. Magsaysay District, Santa, Ilocos Sur

Brgy. Magsaysay is split into two sections, the one in the highway, and one street going towards our municipal hall and our town’s church.

Disaster timeline from the last five years

Our barangay is situated relatively high above sea-level, and near the highways away from the foot of the Cordillera mountain ranges, that is why our barangay district rarely sees any disaster in the recent years.

With Brgy. Captain Armando G. Tolentino

The barangay has implemented the following in response to the past disasters and in anticipating more in the future:

  • Development of the sea wall to prevent erosion of the national highway
  • Tree planting near the creek and the landslide-prone areas
  • Paving of dirt roads inland with cement to prevent soil erosion during heavy storms
  • Evacuation centers