The Film Artistry

Ma. Rosario Mikaela Bello
2 min readDec 5, 2021

Film does not only constitute one aspect of focus: it’s a congregation of different disciplines that make up one product. It requires a jack-of-all-trades type of skill, in which you must be knowledgeable in directing, screenwriting, acting, editing, and designing. It’s a balance — one that must be carefully sorted out if you aim to be a filmmaker one day.

It’s a thorough profession with a massive industry worldwide. It will not be easy to enter this intimidating set of professional people with only a half-baked attitude. After all, film is like politics — it’s a myriad of connections with people that must be maintained since it has a close relation with the media, where all the showbiz and drama are frequent on TV.

Film is also all about teamwork — it doesn’t work with one person carrying all the work or bossing around people telling what to do. It consists of a set of leaders and team players, where every single person contributes to the success of the product.

It may be a job and a profession to others, but subjectively — film is an art. It’s a medium of emotions that can be translated into imagery when words fail the writer. The colors, the camera shots, and the angles used are all an interpretation of the director’s world view. It is their vision came to life, much like an artist painting a canvas of their interpretation of a subject.

Film isn’t just a job, it’s a passion.

It is art, it is subjective, and it gives us the windows to other souls — it is one of the purest forms of storytelling that should be propagated and developed in countries such as ours, where we can finally establish our own distinct identity with Philippine cinema.

In this way, filmmakers can be considered artists on their own — with their unique perspective and film styles — what we see through their lenses are the pieces of their soul that they have decided to share with the world.

It takes guts to survive in this industry, but what we should always remember is that it takes the vision to go beyond and tell the stories that we want to tell through cinema.

After all, film is just another medium for the stories you want to tell the world.